Toyota TS040 prototype makes breakfast

Toyota GAZOO Racing makes brake-fast (sorry) for 1717 guests using only the energy generated by its TS040 Hybrid World Endurance Championship challenger.

Toyota GAZOO Racing TS040 Hybrid Breakfast 02 

Power and performance figures are an oddity in motorsport: in the World Endurance Championship for instance, the top drawer hybrid LMP1 prototypes house hybrid powerplants capable of producing a combined 1000+bhp and powering the lightweight machines to up to 300kph (and secure the 2014 WEC title in the process). Just one lap of La Sarthe is enough to produce six MILLION joules, which is…er, look it up…

All well and good, but what effect does that power and j actually have?

To demonstrate, Toyota GAZOO Racing invited 171 guests to breakfast…made entirely using the energy produced by the TS040 Hybrid itself, as driven by Kazuki Nakajima. Very cool stuff, but we are curious to know how well done those fried eggs are…

Technical specifications available on page 2

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