VIDEO. Toyota to race C-HR racing crossover at Nurburgring

A crossover in the Nurburgring 24hr?! Yep, Toyota’s on it!

Toyota racing crossover concept

Toyota has announced plans to race its new C-HR racing crossover in the Nurburgring 24hour.

Based on the road-going C-HR crossover concept, it will be the first ever crossover to take part in the famous race, held at the Nordschleife.

The concept features a four-cylinder petrol unit mated to an electric motor engine, but it has yet to be revealed what engine will be featured in the racecar.

Toyota may have merged GAZOO Racing with Toyota Racing and Lexus Racing under the name ‘Toyota GAZOO Racing’ just last year but it’s been competing int he 24hour since 2007. Masahiko Kageyama and Kumi Sato are set to take the helm (the third driver has yet to be confirmed).

Both the C-HR Racing and road-going model will debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show from March 3-13.

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