Toyota AE86. Slip sliding. Tsukuba Circuit

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Here are the three things essential for drifting: a limited slip differential, massive turbo for 400 plus horsepower, and rear wheel drive. It’s a simple recipe, and regardless of whether you’re strapped to Wankel’s finest (via Japan) or a twin-charged RB shredding tyres like Freddy Krueger, you’re good to go.

So, then, what’s a 150-or-so-horsepower miniature Toyota doing in the 101 section of the Drift Bible?

The venerable Hachi Roku, or AE86, Toyota Corolla of the 1980s gained fame for its sub-one-tonne kerb weight, multi-link solid rear end with a limited slip fitted at the factory, and a screamer of an engine pulled straight out of a Formula Atlantic racecar. OK, maybe that was the other way around, but the 4AGE motor is said to be a Japanese copy of Lotus’ famed Twin Cam, which of course means more reliability, and an easily achievable 10,000rpm.

The 4AGE is arguably the closest to a race-spec engine Toyota’s ever put inside a production model, and even in bone stock form the level of response to the driver’s inputs require an immediate system reboot, on your part. Especially if you’re used to today’s drive-by-wire throttles, dull steering feels, or the AE86’s rivals’ turbo-lag.

Throw in the Hachi Roku’s cheap price, plentiful availability on the used car market, and cemented cult status thanks to some Manga cartoons starring a tofu delivery boy over in Japan, and you’ve got yourself a legendary giant killer.

Watch this to see what we are on about >>>

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