Top 10 crankandpiston features from 2015

Looking back over quite a busy 2015, we choose 10 of our favourite features from the past 12 months

1. Jaguar F-TYPE V8 R vs Nissan GT-R vs Aston Martin DB9 (March)

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Heading into our sports coupe triple test in March, arguments and hair pulling were already well under way: whilst AJ was adamant that the twin-turbo V6-powered Nissan GT-R was the only choice of the bunch, Yazan assured us that actually it was the supercharged V8-powered Jaguar F-TYPE R that should take the plaudits. It became a three-way tussle when I explained the characterful V12 Aston Martin DB9 was actually the only sane choice of the three.

Three sports cars, three different engines, three different characters. But which one ultimately walked away with the gold?


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