VIDEO. What the new Land Rover Discovery looks like

Land Rover marks a New Age of Discovery with the new Discovery Vision Concept


Hard to believe that the Land Rover Discovery – the go-to off-road weapon for any intrepid explorers – this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. No better time then to debut its new concept SUV – the Discovery Vision Concept – which marks the New Age of Discovery.

The new ‘dynamic form’ is set to not only showcase a new design direction for Land Rover’s ever-bolstering SUV line-up, but also outlines the new look for the 2015 Discovery. A dash of Evoque here and a smidgen of Range Rover there, a couple of intelligent laser headlights and a throw in a Transparent Bonnet head-up display, and the new Land Rover concept could well own the internet when it makes its debut at the New York Motor Show.

Oh, if only we had a man on the ground. Hang on, where’s Davison…?

Source – Land Rover MENA

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