Nissan Sedan Concept. Heading to China

Nissan unveils a teaser clip of its new Sedan Concept


Squint and you’ll miss it, but this headlight outline is the first teaser of Nissan’s new Sedan Concept, due to be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show next week.

Details, as you’d expect, are being kept schtum at the moment, so feel free to speculate on performance figures and powerplant options. Nissan has suggested though that the new concept will be geared towards the Chinese market. An Infiniti-esque headlight may be all we have to enjoy at the moment and indeed in the near future.

And if mainstream family friendly saloons are not what you’re looking for this afternoon, the budding games amongst you may be interested to know that the Nissan GT Academy is officially go for its sixth year in 2014. Official online qualification kicks off on 21st April, one day after the new concept is unveiled.

Source – Nissan Newsroom

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