The Workshop Idiot. Short Circuit. Chevrolet Tahoe

Continuing our series on “how easy is it to tinker with modern cars?”, Phill is faced with a headlight fault on a Chevrolet Tahoe. His suggestion? Replace entire headlight. Brilliant.

Chevrolet Care Workshop Idiot

OK, so perhaps being a mechanic is not my lost vocation.

Chevrolet invited us down to take part in a series of challenges involving the servicing and general maintenance of the cars of today. Last time I had to try and figure out how to sort out an air conditioning leak in a Camaro, and this time it’s the turn of a faulty headlight on a Chevrolet Tahoe – something that involves multimeters and wiring diagrams and all sorts of other stuff I don’t understand. Hopefully if this happens to your car though, the below video will instruct you on how to sort it out.

And before you all write in, yes, I know (now) that even older cars had electric headlights. There’s a reason this series is called The Workshop Idiot…

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