Lingenfelter Corvette C7 v 1985 Corvette C4 go-kart

A new, turned Corvette Stingray takes on an old, hacked up Corvette go-kart.


A few years ago, a couple of motoring writers, now working for US magazine Motor Trend, built a ludicrous go-kart out of a knackered old 1985 C4 Corvette. Essentially, they hacked everything off it save the chassis and the engine, and hooned about a car park for a bit.

And then it sat for years, quietly rusting away. Until now. Now the Motor Trend boys have brought the C4 Corvette Kart out of its resting place and given it a spruce up, adding a cage to make it a proper handling little race car. Their plan? Take it for a track session with a new Corvette Stingray, tuned by Lingenfelter and see which is A) faster and B) more fun.

Follow the whole ridiculous build process in the video below, and then tell us in the comments what car you’d choose to hack up for the BEST TIME EVER.

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