TechArt reveals 770bhp Porsche 911 Turbo-based GTstreet RS

The German tuner has transformed the 991.2 911 Turbo with a new body kit, interior tweaks and more power

TechArt reveals 770bhp Porsche-1

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The last thing on our mind when behind the wheel of a 991.2 Porsche 911 Turbois that it requires more power. With over 530bhp in non-S form pushing it from 0-100kph in under 3 seconds, it’s one of the fastest accelerating cars on sale. But Porsche tuner TechArt clearly thinks otherwise, working its magic on the model exterior, interior and engine to create the GTstreet RS.

Performance gains come as part of the brand’s Powerkit upgrade, giving the model an extra 190bhp over the standard car thanks to new VTG turbochargers – total output is 770bhp and 678lb fts of torque, which is even more power than the range-topping GT2 RS. The brand claims the model’s new 0-100kph time is 2.5secs, with a top speed of 340kph. To keep weight to a minimum, Techart replaced the standard glass with lightweight Corning Gorilla Glass, and also added their own titanium, valved exhaust system to allow the uprated 6cyl to breathe more freely.

The exterior features a multitude of ‘forged carbonfibre’ components for added downforce and increased cooling for the uprated engine, you certainly won’t mistake a GTstreet RS for a standard 911 Turbo. New elements include some headlight surrounds, front canards, reformed air intakes, side skirts, a new rear diffuser, ram air scoop, active rear wing and more. Forged carbonfibre louvers help cool the brakes and reduce lift, the forged carbonfibre bonnet features NACA air inlets for additional brake cooling and the new centre lock wheels feature aero rings for reduced drag.

Modifications don’t stop there, with the interior trimmed in a new, hard-wearing, fireproof material comprised of wool, leather and alcantara. The material gives the interior a more luxurious, high-end feel and is having its sports car debut in the GTstreet RS, according to TechArt. Each model can be fully customised by the owner, with the ability to paint components such as the drive mode switch, air vents and PDK gear selector in any colour they wish. GTstreet RS stitching, color-matched door pulls and a badge to certify the car’s authenticity and exclusiveness can also be seen – the designated number of each model is also printed in gloss black on the bonnet of each car. A 6-point racing harness is also included.

The model will be shown for the first time at this year’s Geneva motor show, with a rather hefty $165,000 price tag on top of the price of the base car.

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