Sub-T.50 Gordon Murray Automotive Project Two supercar confirmed

Two-seater retains Cosworth V12 and manual gearbox, but loses ground-effect fan

Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) has confirmed it is developing a second supercar model – one that is set to share the same Cosworth V12 engine, manual transmission and lightweight ethos as the flagship T.50. Where the two models will differ is accessibility, with the new two-seater, currently known as Project Two, ditching the T.50’s complex and expensive ground-effect fan in favour of a simpler aero set-up, resulting in a more affordable price point. 

Underpinning the Project Two will be a whole new carbonfibre structure, designed specifically for the model and with a construction type similar to the T.50’s. The flagship car’s structure itself was deemed unsuitable for carrying over due to its packaging allowing for a three-seat layout and the blown aero. The Project 2’s new structure will also give GMA’s designers a distinctive proportion set to further differentiate the new model.

While its chassis will be new, the Project Two’s basic powertrain will be shared with the T.50, which is no bad thing. Built to specification by Cosworth, the 3.9-litre naturally aspirated V12 will again be paired to a six-speed manual transmission. Given the Project Two’s placement beneath the T.50, its V12 could be built to a less highly strung specification (641bhp at 11,500rpm is currently being promised for the T.50), but specific details such as its power and torque outputs, rev limit and the inclusion of the T.50’s mild-hybrid system – which in that model is there predominantly to drive the high-powered fan – have yet to be confirmed. 

With production set to be capped at 100 units, the Project 2 is not likely to be a McLaren 720S rival either. Instead its price could well still break into seven figures, rivalling other low-production supercars such as the Lamborghini Sian or indeed the next mid-engined Ferrari hypercar. With GMA’s production facilities still under construction, the new supercar will be built in the same Dunsfold facility as the T.50 and T.50s, making it unlikely to see production until all T.50’s have been produced, which will wrap up in the beginning of 2023. 

Gordon Murray Electronics

GMA has also announced that it is expanding further into electrification, securing a $400m investment to create a Gordon Murray Electronics subdivision that will specialise in the development of hybrid and all-electric powertrain systems. The first results of this new venture will be applied to a new ‘city SUV’, due later in the decade. 

GME’s development work will include licensable technologies that GMA will combine with its patented iStream manufacturing process, which can help new brands quickly and efficiently enter the automotive market without the need for a ground-up development and recruiting process. 

Regardless of this expansion into new territories, Gordon Murray remains steadfast that all GMA projects should hit the same benchmarks in lightweighting, driver involvement and the efficient, local sourcing of parts and technologies. And before those new electric powertrains arrive, we still have a few V12 manual supercars to look forward to, a derivative GMA has committed to building for as long as it will be allowed to do so.  

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