SSC Tuatara development back on track just released a new teaser

After a quiet few years, development of SSC’s hypercar looks to be back on track thanks to a new teaser model called the Tuatara.

Remember the SSC Ultimate Aero? It was the American-built hypercar that briefly claimed the Bugatti Veyron’s world’s fastest car title. After a prolonged period of silence, SSC is back having just released a new teaser of its all-new model called the Tuatara.

Initially announced in 2011, SSC showed a concept version of the Tuatara at the 2013 Dubai motor show. The latest teaser image follows on from this concept, featuring recognisable headlights and curvaceous bodywork penned by former Pininfarina and Bertone designer Jason Castriota.
SSC Tuatara
The production model should also mimic the concept’s four-figure power output, producing somewhere in the region of 1350bhp from a twin-turbocharged V8 engine, with power likely sent exclusively to the rear wheels.

SSC has neglected to reveal any more details at this point, but with the hypercar landscape of 2018 looking distinctly different to even five years ago thanks to the Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Regera, the Tuatara will have its work cut out to break any new records.

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