Pagani C10 confirmed – Huayra successor to debut 10 September

It’s been a long time coming, but Horatio’s next Pagani supercar is officially on its way

The next Pagani hypercar will officially be revealed on the 10th of September this year, following the Zonda and Huayra in its short, but illustrious lineage. Very little is known officially about the new hypercar, reportedly to be called C10, but thanks to a new teaser, plus some images of the prototype undergoing testing in Italy, we can say that it won’t stray far from the proven recipe. 

As we can see in the teaser, Pagani’s typical mid-engined silhouette is clearly shown, with a long rear deck, short nose and flowing wheel arches. As has been a key design feature of both the Zonda and Huayra, the cabin looks to be segmented from the main body, with the glass and roof likely to visually form a single volume – giving it that canopy-like appearance. 

As for the engine, Pagani has not confirmed any specifics but it’s likely that its partnership with AMG in the production of the existing V12 will continue, despite its disappearance from the AMG range. Mercedes-Benz do still utilise the iconic twin-turbo V12 in its Maybach product and will continue to do so, locking in the supply for Pagani. 

Aside from this, prototypes that have been spied around Italy show a design that actually looks to bridge the original Zonda and later Huayra, with its body actually looking more like the former with stronger, blockier surfacing that contrasts against the huayra’s purposely flowing lines (it is named after the Andean god of wind after all).

With a few months still to go until it’s unveiled in full, the C10, as it is expected to be called, should bring Pagani back into the hypercar limelight after years of producing more and more derivatives of both Huayra and Zonda. 

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