Saudi Drift. So Much Talent, So Little Direction

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We were just sent a link to this video and like most crazy drift videos based out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we felt compelled to check it out. The odd thing though is that we view it with an equal measure of epicness and sadness.

We’ve seen grass roots motorsport burble along over the years along, from the dedicated bunch that facilitate motorsport such as Extreme Super Lap, SSKDrift, AutoX, UAE National racing etc, to the big spending heavy hitters, bringing global events to our doorstep. F1 to V8 Supercars, Speedcars, 24hr races, Formula Drift and everything inbetween.

Along with that, we continually here about investment in grass roots, fostering talent, bringing Middle Eastern skills to the surface and giving them a platform to perform. Yet, you have all of this happening in Saudi. There is no denying these chaps are not being responsible on any level, however we ask any of you to counter argue that there isn’t vast amounts of skill and car control on show here? Now take what has been stated above and note that the system in place doesn’t go and grab them, foster those skills, give them a platform to develop and take on the world! Why is that?

We will leave you with a very honest quote from a user of the SSKDrift facebook page ‘If we only had circuits or racing tracks here in Saudi, we would have seen these talents competing with the big guys today.. Too much energy and no place to let it lose.. thats why we have more than 86000 car accident fatalities in the past 20 years.’

Say’s it all really >>>

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  1. I think the to overcome this problem you need to see what the guys from are trying to do. Keep an eye out for them!

  2. The second I saw that dude deliberately pull a maneuver beside a school bus, I wanted to see the driver stoned by the public and hung. There is NO excuse or forgiveness for those actions. I could not care less about their access to tracks in that regard.
    And I agree with the original poster, that posting this video corrupts what most believe your organization is about, and does damage to your credibility by what can be construed as encouraging this type of reckless behavior.

  3. This is downright hooliganism. In less harsh words – car stunting maybe.
    DC Gymkhana videos, now that is beautiful. He may not be the best out there, but their editing makes him look bloody good !!

    What you cannot see though(in the saudi vids), are the “out-takes”. We have no idea how many crashes/injuries this may have costed.

    You’ve got to understand that there is a certain buzz you get out of racing or stunting on the street due to its inherent risk, obviousy. The thrill is not just because of the speeds but the attached risk that comes with it. Every petrolhead must have raced in “unsafe surroundings” at some point in their life. If they deny it, they are just plain lying. This is an evolution of just racing at traffic lights or doing burnouts/doughnuts in a parking lot. I believe a lot of these folk if given a chance to professionally take it up as a sport might not enjoy it half as much. Less risk, less fun. Simple.
    We’ve got the UAQ motorplex, Autodrome, Yas Marina and the Moreeb dune to promote all kinds of motorsports but that doesnt stop the teens with raging hormones from racing their 1000bhp tuned SUVs on our highways or driving on 2 wheels at roundabouts or the shenanigans after a game, national holiday, etc. Know what I mean?

    All that said and done, this video has been tagged as a favourite on my youtube account 😉

  4. I disagree with you Mr. Crank & Piston. These guys gets there kick from putting their lives and the those of others in danger. They are in no way exhibiting driving skills and I do not believe a reputable source like C&P should highlight this matter.

    On the other hand, fostering or building a platform were these reckless youngsters can play in a safe environment will will succeed as these guys are not looking into the safety and the thrill of driving, but rather the reckless part of it (as you can see how committed to safely they are with the seat-belts on).

    Jeddah raceway is a great example. You will see real driving skills… Guys over there approach the raceway with a professional attitude and the passion to drive. You will never see the attitude those so called street drifters show. They should be arrested for endangering the lives of others!!

    • Totally agree Joe but what is needed is a process where these guys are taken off the streets, educated and fostered. What they are doing and have been doing is utterly reckless and dangerous. Yes they are after the thrill, but that thrill is available in a controlled environment.

      The millions of $$ that is thrown at useless activities (not just in this region) could be better directed towards fostering what is clearly a talent. I think that is my point.