Rolls-Royce as art. Touring the globe

The spirit of Rolls-Royce is coming to a gallery near you soon.

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However much we might want to believe it’s not true, most of us will never own a Rolls-Royce. The British car company prides itself on being the absolute epitome of luxury motoring, and although it might be broadening its product range with the likes of the Ghost and the Wraith, they’re still out of reach of most for us.

But Rolls-Royce doesn’t want to be seen as a company shutting itself away in an ivory tower – it wants the world to see what it’s about, and to see what kind of craftsmanship and effort goes into creating its cars. With that in mind, it’s created an exhibition, called Inside Rolls-Royce, which opened last night in London and will travel the world afterward. Inspired in part by a documentary of the same name that aired on British television, the exhibition examines the different aspects of Rolls-Royce, from its wood and leatherwork to the paint, design and engineering.

The major surprise is that there are no actual cars at the exhibition. No, this is a slightly more abstract show, with displays more suited to the likes of the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London’s Chelsea, where the event is currently running. Described by Rolls-Royce as a ‘multi-sensory journey’, it combines artistic exhibits with interactivity through an app available on smartphones and tablets.

Inside Rolls-Royce is at the Saatchi Gallery in London until Sunday, November 16, and will then tour the world, including the Middle East. For more information, visit

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