Red Bull F1. Dominican Republic Beach Run

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Red Bull Racing and their support crew are at it again! Taking F1 on the road and heading out to far flung places to help publicise the brand and the racing. I do question why there is a need to go to the Dominican Republic, however if they didn’t, we wouldn’t get to see the pinnacle of motorsport charging down a beach!!

Thanks to Stephane Benini @CLASH for making me aware of this after we posted a short clip of the actual event on our Facebook page a couple of weeks ago.

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  1. Now look Mike, Bob, Eric, I know it’s January, you live in Milton Keynes and you probably want to be with your families, but we need you to go to the Dominican Republic for 10 days to do two afternoons’ work, get yourself on camera, soak up the attention of the local ladies, and trash one of our cars up and down the beach.

    Obviously we’ll pay your expenses, fly you there business class and put you up in a decent hotel on the beachfront. What do you say?

    “Well Christian, let me just check my diary……oh, you’re in luck, I seem to have an opportunity to travel from this afternoon onwards – I assume you will cover the cost of my suncream?”

  2. Oh I love the fact that they go out and do this stuff, just thought that having gone to the trouble and expense of doing it, flying a film crew out, no doubt paying a fortune to have it edited, then making sure it was ‘viraled’ the world over, that the words might match the pictures!

    Just seemed a bit of a “lower gun, shoot self in foot” moment.

  3. “We’ll use the slicks, not the wet weather tyres”
    “The slicks will give us more contact with the sand” (???)
    “Because of the nodules on the wet weather tyres, there’s less contact” (???)

    So, umm, tell me. Which tyres are fitted on the car we see running on the beach? Why, those would be the wet weather tyres then.

    Someone in the editing suite needs to lose their job…………!