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When Ron Howard’s Rush comes out on DVD, you’ll need somewhere special to watch it. Racing&Emotion have you got covered with Legend ‘76.

Let’s assume, since it’s looking likely, that Ron Howard’s Rush the cinematic epic starring James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth), Nikki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) and their fight for the 1976 Formula 1 World Championship – will prove as big a hit as Senna. Both the crankandpiston team and the motorsport elite of our massive will be amongst the first in-line in September to see it at the cinema, after which comes the hour-long talk and rhapsodising with a diet Pepsi or two and a bowl of pretzels. Then Rush comes out on DVD, of which several copies will be bought and circulated around the office and of which multiple viewings are a racing certainty.

We thought this a good time for Racing&Emotion to step in with this limited edition egg chair – one of only 11 being made – inspired by James Hunt’s famous helmet design. Dig down the back of the sofa for $5500-ish, and Legend ’76 could be yours.

Speaking of epic F1 films, 21st March also marks Ayrton Senna’s birthday: today he’d be 53. No more appropriate time to watch Senna in our opinion, so if you’ll excuse us…

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