McLaren unveils MP4-X concept. Formula 1

McLaren unveils uber cool MP4-X concept, Woking’s vision of ‘the future of motorsport technology’

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Ever wondered what the ‘conceptual vision for the future of motorsport technology’ would look like? McLaren has given us an answer courtesy of the new MP4-X concept.

The design follows lengthy discussions by Formula 1’s governing board concerning technical regulation changes ahead of the 2017, the focus of which is to make the cars faster and more difficult to drive. Just how much they’ll be encouraged by this radically different design remains to be seen though, since the MP4-X also follows a similar design – the Centro Sile – unveiled by Ferrari back in February.

Key features, including the wildly revised aerodynamic package, include a closed cockpit – a key topic for debate since the tragic deaths of Jules Bianchi and Justin Wilson – and shrouded wheels. In-keeping with the current kinetic Energy Recovery System in place in Formula 1 at the moment, the MP4-X also features solar panels as an alternative power source. The ‘Active aerodynamics’ are pretty nifty too, whereby the chassis changes shape to adapt to different aerodynamic demands.

Work on the design was done with key insight from McLaren Applied Technologies, which works to improve healthcare and transport.

*If you’re curious to see someone’s take on Formula 1 in 2017, why not check out the artwork of Andries van Overbeeke and Benoit Fraylon

Source – McLaren

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