Racing up a mountain in Japan. Motorhead Hill Climb

Japan goes crazy for uphill action.

Motorhead Hill Climb Maiham Media 02

The word ‘epic’ gets bandied around a lot these days, but for this event, we think it’s worthy. The Motorhead Hill Climb is an annual event hosted by Japan’s Motorhead magazine. It sees machines of all shapes and sizes assault the Hakone Mountain, a stretch of road known as Japan’s Nürburgring.

The results, captured in superb fashion by Maiham Media, are spectacular. The cars range from full-on racing machines like the BMW Z4 Super GT and a classic Ford GT40, through to modified road cars like Nissan GT-Rs and Subaru Imprezas. Oh, and there’s the insane drifting too.

Trust us, this is a video you really need to see.

Source: Maiham Media

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