Behind the scenes of a Guinness World Record

With the help of 2014 Red Bull King of Drift Ahmad Daham and Drift Allstar James Deane, Nissan Middle East and the ProDrift Academy set a new Guinness World Record for the longest successive tandem drift.

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After a long week of preparation, practice, and hard work, Nissan’s cooperation with ProDrift academy brought a speculated Guinness World Record attempt to reality. As we discovered during an earlier practice session, two of the world’s top drifting athletes – namely Ahmad Daham and James Deane – would attempt to set a new record for the world’s longest successive tandem drift.

The plan during practice, as discovered on-site, was to use a course shaped like a figure of eight, the idea being that this would help maintain momentum across the required 25km needed to take the record (not to mention going round in circles would start to really affect their focus). Add a dash of water to keep the tyres intact(ish), and the pair were ready to go.

The first attempt was made with Ahmad Daham leading in the 370Z, and James Deane chasing in a 350Z. The run went for 30 minutes, but with limited airflow reaching the radiators, heat issues began to materialize and the tandem run had to be abandoned. After a 40-minute break though, the drivers were refreshed, and Guinness gave its approval for the attempt to be done without hoods and bumpers. Which in my opinion makes the cars look just badass!

On the second attempt, the goal was leapfrogged, a new record set at a staggering 28.5km: to see both drivers celebrating with the team and receive the hallowed Guinness World Record certificate is a memory that will stay with me for a long time.

What they did after all was not easy, a stunt requiring focus, experience, and quick reactions. And if you’re interested to see what all that looks like, you may find the below video of interest.

Source – Prodrift Academy


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