Posaidon’s modified Mercedes-AMG A35 packs A45 S-rivalling 395bhp

A new turbocharger has given the Mercedes-AMG A35 a healthy bump in output, bringing it close to its $70k sibling

Posaidon has already been playing around with AMG’s A45 S, lifting output to 518bhp for a ludicrous 323kph top speed, but now the German tuner has worked its magic on the lesser A35.

Its new RS 400 kit will lift the standard 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine to 395bhp and 405lb ft of torque, a 93bhp and 111lb ft gain over standard. To reach these figures, more than an ECU tune is required, with Posaidon swapping the A35’s standard turbocharger for a more powerful and thermally efficient unit. The seven-speed DCT also receive software tweaks to help extract its maximum performance.

> This Mercedes-AMG A45 S has a 323kph top speed

Its 0-100kph time now comes in a brisk 4sec, seven tenths sooner than factory, and just a tenth slower than the $70,000 A45 S. Perhaps more impressive is the new 295kph top speed, raised from the standard 250kph, thanks to a removal of the electronic speed limiter.

Posaidon also offers a lesser ECU tune to bring output to 350bhp and just over 350lb ft of torque. In this form, four tenths is lopped off the 0-100kph sprint in this form, bringing the sprint down to 4.3sec.

Local pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed, but if it keeps costs reasonable a modded A35 that looks and goes just like its substantially more expensive A45 S sibling could make it seem a relative bargain.

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