Porsche Taycan recalled for powertrain glitch

Over 45,000 units of Porsche’s popular all-electric Taycan to be recalled globally

Porsche has confirmed that over 45,000 of its popular Taycan are due to be recalled, addressing a software glitch that can cut power and shoot a warning signal to the driver to safely pull over. The issue has been pinpointed as a failure in communication between the inverter and power unit itself, but doesn’t affect the steering or brakes. 

While 45,000 units are being recalled, only around 135 units have experienced the registered fault, which doesn’t actually leave drivers stranded at the road-side, as the system will resume full power and return to normal operation after a reboot.

Audi has been marginally affected by the same issue in its (very) closely related e-tron GT, with only 58 cars affected, 47 of which have already been fixed pre-delivery.   

Porsche centres will need to carry out the hour-long procedure in person, with a recalibration of the electrical systems negating the ability to upload the software update remotely – Audis will require the same treatment. 

Porsche has confirmed that no other all-electric or hybrid models have been affected, with the new Cross Turismo model due to roll out to the same schedule previously confirmed. 

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