Porsche Cayman. The World Is A Curve

Porsche fans rejoice. Here is proof that the Cayman really is the centre of the universe.


It’s only fair to warn you – since this is Sunday and a number of our faithful readers from across the globe might be feeling a little the worse for wear this today – that this video will make you dizzy.

Yep, this being a video on the new Porsche Cayman, with a 266kph top speed and 275hp from its 2.7-litre six-cylinder – or 286kph and 325hp from a 3.4-litre flat-six boxer if we’re talking about the Cayman S – are facts that would make even the toughest petrolheads with iron constitutions feel a little lightheaded. We are however, in this instance, being completely literal.

At the centre of both this video and the video universe is the Cayman, leaving the footage to roll around the outside of it. Very, very cool. But just make sure you don’t stand up too quickly after watching it.

Source – Porsche

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