Porsche Cayman S. Chris Harris. “Supreme Driving Experience”

Chris Harris and Drive take the 325hp 3.4-litre flat six Cayman S for a hoon, and explain why Porsche’s rivals should be worried.

A Chris Harris vid is usually enough in itself to cease work for ten minutes or so, but one that starts off with said @Harrismonkey saying “there are several reasons why I love the new Cayman, and this is one of them” whilst going sideways at full pelt.

Yep, we’ve waited long enough since the Cayman’s world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and it’s now time for Drive to take Porsche’s 325hp middle child by the scruff of the neck and give it death through the twisties.

“It is one of the supreme modern driving experiences.”

Need we say more?

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