Porsche Cayman Mk 1. XCAR. A Look Back

XCARS takes a retrospective look at the Porsche Cayman.


Step back into 2005/6 and ask most petrolheads what the difference is between a Boxster (the baby Porsche) and the Cayman (the difficult middle child) most would have said ‘the roof’. The two shared an engine range, interior trim and a chassis, and only a greater power output in the Cayman’s favour and slightly different aerodynamics split them.

The problem? Though fitting neatly into Porsche’s line-up, the Cayman struggled to find its niche, seen as primarily a ‘911 for those who couldn’t afford a 911’, and merely taking over the mantel once boasted by the Boxster. New generations of both models have flipped this thought on its head though, and many wonder if the second generation Cayman – crankandpiston’s own Phill Tromans included – is actually better than Porsche’s linchpin 911.

With that in mind, you can’t help but wonder if perhaps the first generation Cayman was a little hard done by. XCARFilms certainly thinks so.

Source – XCARFilms

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