Our Long Drive Home. Tyre troubles. UK to Australia

Mike and Jess are two spare tyres down before they’ve even left England. Oops.

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So whilst the event’s host was taking a final group photo of everyone we were frantically pulling equipment out of the boot of our car to get to our spare tyre. We jacked the car up, took the flat tyre off and boom – our spare tyre didn’t fit the hub. It was too small by a centimetre! Damn second hand cars. No time to spare moaning I threw the tyre down and raced to the boot to grab our final spare wheel, pulling out more carefully packed stuff in the process. Thankfully this time the tyre went on.

By now the host was pulling people into position, getting people ready, signalling them to go whilst we were picking up camping equipment off the grass and throwing it carelessly into the back seat. All the while we were at the front of the queue with other teams beeping at up. Chaos!

After that, the drive through north east France, Belgium and western Germany was a bit of a blur. Six hours driving through a number of Belgium and German motorways could be torture for some, but for us it meant we had started. We are on our way to Mongolia. We are in a car, with time and entire continents to conquer. Now all we need is to pick up a couple of new spare tyres.

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