Peugeot Onyx. A sofa made from lava?

How similar is a sofa to a concept coupe? If we’re talking about the Peugeot Design Lab Onyx Sofa, not very…

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And we thought Bentley was being ambitious with a seemingly ever-growing collection of handbags, barber chairs, sofas and hotel rooms. That was until we saw the Peugeot Onyx sofa.

Don’t waste too much time trying to find comparisons between this living room fixture and the concept model from Peugeot unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. They may both share a carbon fibre body and boast some eerily earthy colour tones, but unless the steering wheel and double bubble roof are made from molten lava in the concept, there’s very little to compare the two. We somehow doubt the sofa changes colour as the years pass by either.

Given the size of the Volvic volcanic lava stone used (onto which the carbon fibre has been lacquered) in the development of the Peugeot Design art piece, we can only imagine how heavy the finished sofa actually is. Or indeed how big a dent it will leave in your wallet.

Do we want one? Hell yes!

– Shots courtesy of Peugeot Design Lab. Hat tip to

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