VIDEO. Red Bull Racing. Live and loud in Kuwait

Red Bull Racing and Carlos Sainz Jr hits the Kuwaiti streets for some ear-blistering demo runs.

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The reigning champion’s Formula 1 season may not be going as strongly as they’d hoped – following a poor run in pre-season testing and Daniel Ricciardo’s disqualification in Melbourne – but Red Bull Racing have proven they can still pack a busy cordoned off city street. More than 200,000 F1 fans – most of whom we assume are now deaf – lined the streets of Kuwait to watch Red Bull junior driver Carlos Sainz Jr (son of the two-time World Rally Champion of the same name) give last year’s RB9 death with a collection of burnouts and elevenses. And yes, that means a proper V8 soundtrack once again.

Should you find F1 as interesting as a bowl of porridge though, there are several seconds of a drifting Nissan 350Z and a motorbiker defying the laws of both gravity and physics in the below video. Oh, and if you’ve often wondered (for some reason) what it’s like to see a thumbs-up from Carlos Sainz’ perspective, there’s a handy helmet cam to make your dreams come true.

Source – Infiniti Red Bull Racing

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