McLaren 650S. Chris Harris. Much more than a 12C

Chris Harris dons the new McLaren 650S and takes a few sideways moments to explain why Woking’s newboy is much more than a facelifted 12C.  


“There’s a perception that the McLaren 650S is just a facelifted 12C, but that’s not quite the case.”

Certainly not, Mr Harris. Although Woking’s new 650S sits well below the 903bhp brute strength of the P1, McLaren’s newboy still kicks out a sizeable 650PS – or 641bhp – from the company’s established 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V6 and will hit 0-200kph in an eye-watering 8.6 seconds.

That is of course if you’re driving in a straightline. This being the Monkey though, we know better than to expect that…

Source – Drive

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