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It’s the New Year. Time for a rant.


Driver's Log
Date acquired: Aug 2011
Total kilometres: 85,300
Kilometres this month: 1400
Costs this month: $200
L/100km this month: 15.2

There comes a time once a year when all is well. That time is usually Christmas. Nothing can put me more at ease than a well-prepared meal, spending time with family and getting some brand new toys to play with. However, this year has not been the case. I am still waiting on my suspension to be installed. Apparently it has yet to arrive, and has been doing so since October. I have been chasing the dealer around for months without a solid answer. I also now have to re-repair the previously repaired chassis damage, as my car’s registration expired and the powers-that-be refuse to re-register it. With the Nissan 350Z being 80 percent track-orientated, I downright refuse to repair a disparity of 14 millimetres on one side over 4.3 meters of vehicle.


I gave up a few days ago after running around for just over a week and a half trying to get it registered. I’ve spent over $160 on fees and chassis measurement reports, and driven back and forth over 1000km (much faster than usual, out of frustration) to no avail. I just don’t feel it necessary to repair; I have been driving the car around in its current condition for the past two years and all of a sudden it is not fit for the road. It’s in better condition now than it was when I bought it! To top it all off, when I was low on petrol on the way to the registration place, I was so distracted that I didn’t keep my regular steely eye on the fuel attendant who proceeded to pump Special in, after I repeated SUPER to him, twice! Maybe I should put a sticker on the inside of the fuel door. Things just haven’t been going my way over the holidays.


The Nissan has been severely neglected over the past few weeks. Every time I look at her it is with a heavy heart. Strange as it is, I think only car lovers can know how it feels when you have such strong emotions for a vehicle. I can’t just give up on her. So I took her to the car wash today. I never let someone else wash my car, but it was just so dirty, and I just had no energy left to struggle with anything. When I came home I realised how bad a job they did and I washed her myself anyway. Then I pulled out the microfiber cloths, cranked some tunes, wound down the windows and polished her because as much of a pain as this car has been recently, if I gave up on it now after all the work I’ve put into it, what does that say about me?

That’s my rant over. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year. Journals is a contributor-based section, the contents of which have been provided by site readers and enthusiasts. All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the authors concerned and do not necessarily reflect the views held by  

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