New Subaru WRX Concept. The Next Big Thing?

The new Subaru WRX concept has been unveiled at the New York Motor Show. And it could be exactly what petrolheads have been looking for.  


The unveil of any concept model usually brings with it the same question: ‘yes, but will it actually look like that?’ Were the new Subaru WRX to change between here and the production line (a much-needed rear spoiler aside), it would be a crying shame, and not only because the squat muscular beast is so damn gorgeous.

Subaru arguably has yet to re-hit the market bullseye it achieved with the first generation Impreza, one of the World Rally Championship’s greatest models and boy racers choice in the mid-to-late 90s. The bulbous-eyed second-generation model provoked more sniggers that critical acclaim, and the less said about the fourth gen family wagon the better. True, the BRZ could well have garnered immense support from the petrolhead masses were it not for that pesky (and identical) Toyota GT-86, but for the moment remains the forgotten little sister.

A more extreme approach at the design easel (with the Subaru team not skimping on the crayons) and we’re suddenly back on the right track. Very few details on the new concept have been revealed in New York – aside from a ‘new turbocharged engine with intercoolers’ and 20-inch BBS alloys – but if company execs can restrain themselves and LEAVE THIS ALONE, the WRX could be a show stealer when/if it hits production.

Just put a rear wing on it. Please!

Source – SubaruGlobalTV

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