Halcyon Photography. Mazda RX7 x 2. Only In Philly

Two matching Mazda RX-7s are under the Halcyon Photography spotlight.


Interesting how sometimes a shoot can fall into your arms. Well, we realise some of the epic machines we’ve featured in the past have been down to their respective owners phoning and asking us, but we just assumed it’s because we’re brilliant.

With Halcyon Photography though, whose recent trailer cracked a grin here or there in the crankandpiston office, this wasn’t exactly the case. In Pennsylvania for the day, the team bumped into a pair of Mazda RX7s (an FC and an FD), quickly asking the owners for an hour of their time whilst unloading the camera equipment and sliders.

Just goes to show what a day in Philly can produce.

Halcyon Photo Mini-Feature: Matching FC & FD RX7’s on Work VS-XX from Halcyon Photography on Vimeo.

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