BBR reveals new 300bhp supercharger upgrade for NC Mazda MX-5

BBR and Corten-Miller have collaborated on BBR’s most potent warranted supercharger kit yet

Mazda MX-5 tuning specialist BBR has revealed its latest supercharger kit designed specifically for the third generation NC MX-5, offering two states of tune in 250bhp and 300bhp forms. The kit is available as a drive-in-drive out upgrade complete with a 12 month warranty, with further drivetrain and chassis upgrades also available from BBR’s extensive upgrade catalogue. 

To bring this new supercharger kit to market, BBR has partnered with Corten-Miller in its development and testing. By joining forces, BBR has avoided issues surrounding the need to relocate the battery and the removal of its air conditioning system that the team had come across in earlier development.

Both packages include a C30-94 Rotrex Supercharger with its own oil reservoir and belts, with BBR supplying the oil cooler, cold air intake system, intercooler, hoses, pipes, dump-valve and Starchip EcuTek calibration software. In its stage one form, the kit lifts both the NC’s 1.8- and 2-litre four-cylinders to 250bhp with 213lb ft of torque.

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The stage 2 setup increases this to 300bhp and 227lb ft, the extra power liberated from an upgraded fuel module, spark plugs, new intake restrictor and a different ECU flash. In this form, BBR does suggest upgrading the clutch and exhaust systems, while the chassis will also benefit from a selection of BBR’s excellent upgrades alongside. 

As well as optimising the new hardware, BBR’s packages also include other software enhancements like auto-blipping and flat-shift capabilities for the manual transmission, with further switchable engine maps and even a launch control system.

All in, the packages are priced at $6765 and $8120 for the stage 1 and 2 kits respectively, with the option of a hardware-only package sans the ECU flash for $1219 less – this do-it-yourself option is designed largely for export markets.

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