New Renault concept tribute to Le Corbusier

New Coupé Corbusier concept from Renault marks 50 years since the death of noted Swiss-French architect and designer ‘Le Corbusier’

Renault’s best and brightest at the design easel have pulled another stunner out of the bag in the shape of the Coupé Corbusier concept.

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All flowing bodylines and rounded fenders, the Coupé Corbusier marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Swiss-French architect and designer Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris – more famously known as ‘Le Corbusier’ – France’s best-known 20th century architect. Part of a thus-far two-year dedication to French cultural objects, Renault also states that its latest concept to the late Swiss-French architect and prolific painter does not represent a future design DNA for the company, but stands as an ‘obvious source of reflection’.

No specific details concerning dimensions or powertrains have been unveiled, though it’s been speculated that beneath the new bodywork lies the basic framework of the Megane. Renault instead highlights the ‘visually- and aesthetically-pleasing structure’ which focuses on geometric elegance – courtesy of that rather natty front grille and the dihedral doors – and ‘simplicity’. We’re not sure how those whopping great alloys fit into either, but the elongated bonnet, sloping roofline and extended wheel arches we think you’ll agree hit the mark sweetly.

No production plans have been unveiled, though the Coupé Corbusier will be part of an art exhibit celebrating Le Corbusier at France’s Centre des Monuments Nationaux, the theme of which is Cars for living: the automobile and modernism in the 20th and 21st centuries’.

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