New Ferrari 458 Speciale. We Want!

New Ferrari 458 Speciale revealed.

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Because the 458 Italia is too slow and unrefined, Ferrari has brought a new, super-duper version. Meet the 597bhp Ferrari 458 Speciale, capable of hitting 100kph in 3.0 seconds.

The power has been upped from 562bhp in the standard 458 Italia, and the Speciale’s dry weight – 1290kg – is 90kg lighter than the standard car. Around Ferrari’s Fiorano test track, the Speciale is 1.5 seconds per lap faster than the 458 Italia, half a second faster than the 599 GTO and just 0.5 seconds off the F12berlinetta.

Ferrari has tweaked the aero on the Speciale as well. The front grille and bonnet have been revised, while at the back the diffuser is larger and two exhaust pipes replace the original’s triple arrangement. Various active aero elements react to the car’s behaviour to keep it glues to the surface through corners and slip through the air on straights.

We’ll see more of the Ferrari 458 Speciale when it’s released to the world at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, and we should also get the full whack of details. Now then Ferrari, when do we get to have a go?

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