Facelifted BMW i8 to get more power

BMW has revealed that the newly facelifted i8 is set to get more power and a longer range than before.

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BMW has unveiled that the newly facelifted i8 will get more power and a higher mile range than before.nThe facelifted 2+2 is set to get an updated petrolelectric powertrain (1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol combined with an electric motor) adding around 10 percent more power resulting in a total output of around 420bhp, compared with the 357bhp total (228bhp from the three-cylinder turbo, 139bhp from the electric motor) the i8 currently pushes.

A revised battery pack is also on the cards and, according to reports, an inductive charging system could be offered as an option, as well as further updates possibly including carbon-fibre wheels, which are said to reduce weight by 25 percent over the aluminium wheels currently used.

The facelifted model is set to reach dealer showrooms by the end of next year. And to get you warmed up for that, you might want to check out this official unveil video which first appeared two years ago

Source – BMWi

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