VIDEO. Team Galag ‘TGX’. The most mental Gumball 3000 entry EVER

Saudi Arabia’s Team Galag unveils possibly undoubtedly the most mental Gumball 3000 creation we’ve ever seen: the TGX

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What you’re looking at here is quite possibly the most insane creation to have ever turned a wheel in blind, spine-snapping fury on the Gumball 3000.

It’s dubbed the TGX will be run by Saudi-based Team Galag, and is set to take on the 3000+ kilometre journey from Dublin, Ireland, to Bucharest, Romania. Based on the Batman tumbler that stars in the Arkham Knight video game, power comes from a 560bhp 5-litre Lamborghini V10, sent alongside an as-of-yet undetermined amount of torque – enough to reverse the earth’s polarity, we assume – to all four 26in wheels. Yep, this monster is big. As in PROPERLY big. So big, that the wheelbase wrapped around the special high rigid tubular frame (from a Lamborghini Gallardo of all things) measures 3.4m by 2.5m, and special eight-pot Brembo calipers are needed to bring the Arkham Batmobile to a dead stop without destroying several city blocks in the process. There’s a behind the scenes video of the car’s first run with developers Caresto below too.

It’s undoubtedly at the extreme end of the “wait, what?!” scale, but bear in mind this is the same team that brought a replica Batman Tumbler to the Gumball last year, only for mechanical issues to bring the 400hp, 2270kg charge to a close. Fans, petrolheads and pedestrians wondering what’s blotting out the sun will no doubt be crossing everything the TGX can actually make the finish this year.

It’s not the only contender on Team Galag’s entry list though, for the TGX will (hopefully) complete the run alongside a replica AMG GT3, built from a GT S base by Xquisite Automotive in the UK in an impressive five weeks.

Source – Team Galag, Mr JWW and GF Williams

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