NEW Cadillac Escala Concept. 'The Next Evolution'

The recently unveiled Escala Concept foreground ‘the next evolution of Cadillac design’, and is set to sit alongside the CT6 luxury saloon.

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If the recent teaser clip whet your respective whistles, this is the new Escala Concept, ‘the next evolution of Cadillac design’ set to preview a design DNA and technical to roll out across the company’s future model range.

Purely a concept at present, the new Escala – Spanish for ‘scale’, incidentally – previews an elite, exclusive model set to line-up alongside Cadillac’s recently launched CT6 luxury saloon. Given that the Escala Concept measures 152mm longer than the already lofty 5184mm CT6, a focus on indulgence should hardly come as a surprise.

Interestingly, though – and add pinches of salt where required – Cadillac has also designed the Escala to be a ‘driver’s car.’ Rear-wheel driven, the concept sits atop the same basic aluminium-intensive chassis as the CT6. Though little has been voiced about the powertrain, Cadillac has explained that the Escala uses a prototype 4.2-litre twin-turbo V8, again being earmarked for future models. Save the use of Active Fuel Management – which debunks four of the eight cylinders at cruise – few details have been provided regarding power and performance. Speculation mounts though that 50bhp could be added to the 404bhp being produced by sister CT6’s 3-litre twin-turbo V6.

Key elements of the ‘new and evolved face of Cadillac design’ on the Escala include a three-dimensional pattern in the front grille, aggressively slim wing mirrors, bonnet grooves in the muscular bonnet, and massive 22in alloy wheels with dual layer spokes. Perhaps most intriguing though is revised vertical LED lighting, a company staple since 1948.

The cabin meanwhile features what Cadillac refers to as ‘dual personality.’ Unfortunately this refers to the ‘intensely focused modern technology’ in the front and the relaxing environment in the back, rather than some abstract Jekyll and Hyde limited edition model in the pipeline. Key among the technology though is a bank of three, wafer thing OCD screens mounted in front of the driver, controlled by a centre command module, the main objection being enhanced connectivity facilities. In a neat touch, inside the controller sits a revised design of Cadillac’s traditional ‘flying Goddess’ emblem.

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