Lamborghini Centenario Roadster. Only 20 to be built

Lamborghini unveils the limited edition Centenario Roadster, of which only 20 will be made to celebrate Ferruccio Lamborghini’s birthdate.

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Been a while since we’ve seen a limited edition Lamborghini, and Sant A’gata rarely disappoints when it comes to special edition models. And on that note…

Meet the Centenario Roadster. It’s an open top version of the Centenario Coupé that appeared at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, and only 20 will to be built for a sphincter-shrinking $2.3m. And before you ask, yes, all of them have been sold.

The duo celebrate the 100th anniversary of company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini’s birthdate – hence the name – but there’s much more to these Aventador-based beasts save some special edition paintwork and a couple of plaques. For starters, like the coupe, the Roadster houses a naturally-aspirated 6.5-litre V12 that boasts 759bhp – 19bhp more than the Aventador SV – while maximum revs have also been raised from 8350rpm to 8600rpm. Quite sprightly then the new minx, as a whopping 483bhp/ton power-to-weight ratio and an ‘easily reachable’ 350kph top speed attests. 0-100kph is also caned in 2.9 seconds, just one-tenth slower than the Coupé.

The overall look boasts a ‘new design direction for Lamborghini’ (referred to as “the perfect harmony between innovation and timeless design” by brand CEO Stefano Domenicali). Like the monocoque base, all the body panels are formed from carbon fibre and proves ‘stylistically relevant’ in terms of aerodynamics. Key also to this is an extended rear wing for increased downforce at high speeds (cue that 350kph top speed again). Furthermore, the wing can extended a further 15mm and rotate up to 15 degrees for ‘optimal aero efficiency. Expect scorching pace when you punch the loud pedal through the long sweepers.

Alongside the scissor doors, the new Roadster runs atop bespoke, forged aluminium wheels. 20in at the front and 21in at the rear, these are clad in Pirelli PZero tyres performance tyres. Interestingly, the strikingly designed spokes masks ducts extracting hot air from the carbon ceramic disc brakes. Oh, and you may have noticed the central-locking wheel nuts…

Designed to embrace “a pure drive experience” – that man Domenicali again – all 40 Centarios feature rear-wheel steering, magneto rheological suspension and an Independent Shifting Rod (ISR) transmission. Track enthusiasts can also breathe a sigh of relief since the Centenario also comes with on-board telemetry, as well as three-way drive modes. AppleCarPlay fans – you know who you are – can also enjoy the 10.1in touchscreen.

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