VIDEO. Nissan celebrates ‘National Donut Day’ – 370Z Nismo style

Nissan USA and Donut Media celebrate National Donut Day with Formula Drift icon Chris Forsberg. Because doughnuts. Get it?

Nissan USA, with assistance from Donut Media, is celebrating the nation’s beloved National Donut Day by getting Formula Drift icon Chris Forsberg to decorate the little treats – but not in your conventional way.

Let me explain. Basically Chris uses a 350bhp 370Z NISMO to ‘drift’ the sprinkles onto the donuts (or doughnuts, depending where you’re from). Mad, eh?! Can you imagine if Krispy Kreme, or Dunkin Donuts, started decorating its donuts in that way? It’d take those car park meets to a whole other level.

It’s actually a pretty cool watch  just be prepared for some hunger ‘feels’.

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