[VIDEO] Fastest drift car in the world meets James ‘The Machine’ Deane, at the Dubai Autodrome.

When you give Formula Drift champion, James Deane, a 1,200 horsepower Nissan GT-R drift car and an open track, you know it’s good.

Dubai Autodrome has finally gave in and is introducing drifting to its tarmac, and for that, Prodrift academy UAE in collaboration with Nissan, have decided to throw it out big. And by big, I mean by bringing THE James Deane, to drift the fastest drift car in the world, in which Masato Kawabata has broken the world record of “fastest drift” in.

James has passed by the UAE before, but only as a judge at a drift championship, so the Emirati grounds didn’t get to receive his skid marks until now. This is the first time where the GT-R has been drifted since the record was broken by Kawabata, only because it can’t be handed out to anyone, being the first and only drift car that came straight out of a manufacturer production line.

The Nissan GT-R in the video was built as a parts of a very special program, between Nissan’s Nismo, Greddy and Prodrift Academy UAE. The rocket bunny 1,200hp monster is powered by the original powertrain using the VR38DETT, with a manual sequential gearbox attached to it. So that’s three pedals for you right there in a GT-R. There are no specific details in terms of modifications done to the car.

In case you haven’t seen Kawabata’s attempt, you can check it out here:

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