NASCAR. It’s the ESSENCE of Motorsport. Discuss

I’m about to go out on a major limb and suggest something ludicrous. Is NASCAR the true essence of Motorsport?


This is not a post that should lead to lambasting the writer, but more a discussion of the elements. As I drove home this afternoon, savoured the out and out pace of the car I was driving, tipped into some long sweeping turns, feeling the car writhing around underneath me, balancing the understeer and oversteer with subtle throttle inputs, kept my steering inputs nice and smooth, settled the car and then tipped it into the next big sweeper, I had a moment of clarity.

For everything that Motorsport stands for, is it not the raw simplicity of those inputs and controls that makes racing fun? Now what of NASCAR? Big, heavy, powerful cars, running in big bunches going from corner to corner at speed. It’s not just about turning left all the time, it’s everything I’ve mentioned above. Add in all those elements, throw in forty other cars nose to tail with you, surely that is what it’s all about? It’s not a technology race, it’s not all about CFD and aero, it’s man and machine.

Basic, simple, racing.

What say you? Do you AGREE? Or vehemently DISAGREE? And if so… Why?

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