“Top speed isn’t as important as handling,” says Koenigsegg

Christian von Koenigsegg has spoken out in a recent interview with Top Gear, saying that top-speed is not a high priority for the manufacturer.

Koenigsegg One:1

This may sound ironic coming from the manufacturer of a new 1340bhp hypercar, with a top speed of 273mph, but he told the publication that it is in favour of ‘useable performance’, saying that its customers are generally more interested in driving excitement, usability and overall performance, rather than outright top speed.

He noted that the model’s long wishbones “allow for a very small track width deviation during wheel movements, in combination with one of the highest downforce numbers ever achieved on a road-going vehicle.”

It is impossible for most road-going cars these days to (legally) reach its top-speed, so maybe Koenigsegg has a point?

He said it was even proving difficult for them to find somewhere to test the top speed of the One:1 model.

“Volkswagen’s Ehra–Lessien test track would be ideal, but they are not likely to allow a Bugatti competitor use it,” he said.

Koenigsegg One:1

The manufacturer has yet to set a Nurburgring record with the model, due to the recent implementation of speed limits on sections of the track, following a crash causing the death of a spectator, earlier this year.

They had better move fast though as the factory development One:1 will be taken by its new owner soon.

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