McLaren Senna among 2763 cars recalled due to fire risk

Some of McLaren’s latest models have been recalled due to the discovery of a possible fire risk

A document from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that McLaren is to issue a recall for a number of its latest models, including the $930,000 Senna. Details on the course of action for other markets are yet to surface, however up to 2763 cars will be recalled in the US alone. 

The 720S in both coupe and drop-top forms have the highest number of recalls, with 2008 units potentially at risk. 373 570GTs built between 2017 and 2019, 225 examples of the GT, and 157 McLaren Sennas are also subject to recall. 

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Though the marque has only reported two cases to date, the recall comes following the discovery of an issue with a foam pad used to reduce vibrations beneath the fuel tank. Findings revealed that the Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) pad can retain moisture, corroding the fuel tank over time, causing a subsequent fuel leak.

The very first case was reported on a high-mileage, ex-press 570GT in 2019, but due to the unusual usage McLaren monitored the issue to determine whether it was an isolated incident. A second case in the UK early this year dispelled this theory, leading to this recall.

Once owners of the affected cars are contacted by McLaren, a repair will be untaken free-of-charge to remove the foam pad in question, and replace the fuel tank should evidence of corrosion be found – any cars yet to be delivered will also receive the same treatment. A solution for the new GT, however, is yet to be announced. 

This news comes not long after another recall for the Senna late last year, where the brand noted a potential issue with the supercar’s wiring harness. For any cars built between June 2018 and June 2019, a fix was implemented to prevent potential electric issues that could lead to a reduction in power.

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McLaren is yet to release information on cars outside of the US, but issued the statement: ‘McLaren Automotive has chosen to undertake a voluntary safety recall of its 570GT, 720S Coupe and Spider, Senna and GT models due to a risk of possible corrosion of the fuel tank. Customers will be notified and advised to bring their vehicle in for inspection with any necessary reparatory work to be carried out free of charge. The appropriate regulatory authorities have been consulted on and are aware of this action.’

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