Maiham Media. Interactive Video. Three Into One

Can’t decide whether to watch a drift vid, a time attack run or a supercar vignette? Maihma Media have an interactive answer for you.


It’s reached that point of the day when the creative juices aren’t quite flowing, the mind is only mildly willing and the body has lost all interest, and YouTube is calling for random words to be put in the search engine.

The question now is, what kind of on-board footage are you in the mood for? A screaming quick-fire time attack run on-track? A cruise at speed in one of the world’s most desirable supercars? Perhaps even some sideways, tyre smoking drift action?

Clearly the guys at Maiham Media have been through the same trauma, and have come up with a pretty nifty solution: interactive videos. Simply click play on the first of hopefully many new videos below, and from 30s onwards, you can choose whether you want to ride shotgun in a time attack Nissan Silvia S15, a Bugatti Veyron or a Subaru GDB.

Or perhaps just call it a day and go home early.

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