Mai-Käfer-Treffen. Air-Cooled Gathering. Hannover, Germany

crankandpistion holiday adventures at the Mai-Käfer-Treffen in Hannover, Germany.

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The annual Mai-Käfer-Treffen in Hannover, Germany, is now in its 30th year and is a celebration of classic air-cooled Volkswagens. Nearly 3,500 Käfer, Karmann Ghia, Type 2 and, well, the complete back catalogue of classic German Luftkühler meet in a friendly atmosphere to celebrate a shared passion for the ‘peoples car’. Oh, and some Porsche as well.

All styles are catered for. Cal look, French look, custom, buggy and bus mingle with perfectly restored examples and rat look. It also doubles as a parts market with hundreds of commercial and private dealers selling items that are usually unobtainable.

Walking around the massive parking lot of the Hannover Messe Exhibition Centre, which was jam-packed and overflowing into the surrounding area, was a unique experience. And not just because it wasn’t raining. A chilled-out gathering of diverse people with a shared passion for old school Volkswagen is a great way to start a vacation.

I may have been on holiday and visiting home for the first time in a little under two years, but that didn’t stop me unleashing the crankandpiston Canon and snapping these fine examples. Just ask James. He felt the same way when he went to Sri Lanka.

Long live der Luftkühler!

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And also the video below. Source – darkcroce

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