VIDEO. 1000bhp Radbul on Franschhoek pass. Mad Mike Whiddett

Mad Mike Whiddett takes the 1000bhp Badbul across the Franschhoek pass in South Africa. Multiple times. Sideways. For some reason

What’s the opposite to arriving in style? That’s pretty much how ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett begins his latest bout of sideways, tyre-smoking lunacy as he jumps from the bed of a knackered pick-up truck, huddled beneath a ratty shawl. Seems the Kiwi drift expert left his slightly clipped Red Bull wings at home before filming starting.

Having been abandoned on the side of a remote road 75km outside Cape Town (yeah, why not?), fortunately there’s salvation in the form of his 1000bhp Badbul parked nearby – that was lucky – and for the impatient swines among you, the drift antics you clicked on this link for in the first place get underway at the 1m 20s mark.

This latest stunt with the 248kph, modified ‘RadBul’ Mazda RX8 is part of Whiddett’s new ‘My Mad Life’ reality TV show. The purpose? Buggered if we know, but the video does at least include some pretty cool slow mo shots, the occasional bird’s eye view, and the prospect of ‘the maddest motorsport athlete in the world’ (urgh) carving a whole new path into the 14.9kph Franschhoek pass, South Africa’s first real engineered road since its build in 1822. Then…there’s something about the Oliphant’s Pad and…elephants, then…

…look, it makes very little sense. Just watch the video, then go for a lie down…

Enjoy this Mad Mike Whiddett /Franschhoek video?  

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