Long awaited hardcore Ferrari 488 ‘Sport Special Series’ officially teased

Right on schedule, Ferrari’s ultimate 488 will pick up where the spectacular 458 Speciale left off.

Ferrari has a habit of creating hardcore, lightened versions of its V8 powered supercars a few years into their model cycles and right on schedule Maranello has just dropped the first official hint at the next one. Based on the current 488 GTB, Ferrari is calling the new model the ‘Sport Special Series’ in reference to its connection to the 488 GT3 racecar, although we expect that name to be changed for the production version. 

So far official details remain scarce, but thanks to a new teaser video we can see a variety of aesthetic changes including a revised front apron, bonnet, sills and rear bumper. There appears to be plenty of aero trickery at play, including a deep trough in the bonnet releasing air from within the front intakes and a large rear diffuser. New wheels, similar to those on the F12 TDf also look to be fitted, with ten delicate spokes in a 20-inch design.

Using the 360 Challenge, 430 Scuderia and 458 Speciale as a guide, we suspect the 488’s 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 engine and dual-clutch gearbox to remain, only with power increased to around 700bhp, a (rough) ten per cent jump on the GTB’s 661bhp. Part of the package will also be a reduction in weight, and thanks to details from a leaked internal presentation, will come about due to an adoption of carbonfibre bodywork and interior components, as well as the usual combination of less interior sound deadening and the removal of interior comfort features.

Representing the distillation of the Ferrari supercar, these lightweight special editions can represent the very best of Ferrari’s engineering prowess in a more apprachable package than more expensive models like the LaFerrari hypercar. Also like this car’s predecessors, we expect this limited-run 488 to introduce new technology that could be applied to the next generation of Ferrari’s mid-engined supercars in future.

And the name? Initial rumours suggested the car might don the iconic GTO nomenclature, but we have reason to believe that won’t be the case, thanks to that leaked internal presentation and the fact it was only last used in 2010 on the 599 GTO. Instead, for the moment Ferrari has only used interim ‘Sport Special Series’ terminology, but fingers crossed we won’t have long to wait to find out what the final name will be.

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