Lexus LF-LA Concept. The day the LFA met a seashell

The Lexus LF-LA Concept is inspired by seashells, penned by Californian designer Yang Sun, and merges the LFA and LC coupe together. Epic!

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We can’t think of many car designs that have been inspired by seashells. The Jetsons, yes. Boxfish, yes. Roadside diners, inexplicably, yes. But seashells? Nope, that’s a new one…

The design itself is the LF-LA concept, an unofficial fusion of the LC coupe and the LFA supercar designed by independent artist Yang Sun. But don’t let that name fool you: the ‘LA’ reference has less to do with the 552bhp 4.8-litre V10 weapon that took on the 562bhp Ferrari 458, and more to do with this being the first design Sun put to paper upon moving to Los Angeles.

Like pretty much every other concept, well, ever, the LF-LA Concept comes with a whopping front grille, massive ornate alloys, a sculpted front splitter, air cooling grooves behind the doors (akin to the ‘fins’ on the new Audi R8), and possibly the most aggressive rear diffuser and rear spoiler design ever put to paper. And, of course, no wing mirrors, so we can only imagine what Tron-like utopia awaits us in the cabin. As for the eye-popping exterior though, as Sun himself explains, it meshes the Lexus character and the ‘beautiful forms’ of shells:

“Creatures in the sea are amazing; their forms are perfect inspiration for transportation design. Plus, Lexus is my favorite brand, and I decided to combine the brand identity and natural form together to see what can I get from it. I am pretty happy with the result, but I am still working to add more details to it.”

The Lexus though is not the first conceptual design on Sun’s books. Prior to the LF-LA Concept, there was also the unofficial ‘Hyundai Pickup Truck’ inspired by a surfboard (try to spot a theme here…), the Zagato and fashion industry-inspired ‘Project Lancia’, and a Honda Roadster City car reminiscent of the taxis from Fifth Element. So, yeah, they’re pretty awesome!

And should any of you reading this be interested in Sun’s portfolio, good news. He’s a free agent and has always wanted to design cars…

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