Lap57 Hondas. Awesome bumper to bumper racing…

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I think this video highlights one of the reasons why the UAE National Touring Car Championship is such a laugh. Take two close friends that are also team mates (Lap57)…Pop them in the effectively the same cars (Honda Civics)..then start one at the front of the grid and the other a the back.

Then…Sit back and watch a truly superb battle..It was such a shame the Umair bust a drive shaft towards the end of the race, however you can bet your bottom dollar that he will be back with force in 2010.

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  1. Now I know who’s indicator nearly took my head off while I was standing on the pit wall. Check 4.40 ish, you will see it get sucked out of the front right and fired at the pitwall, the black blob is me ducking for cover!
    Awesome racing tho – but I cant help thinking Umair would have had a lunge or three if it wasn’t Omran he was racing, he had so many opportunities.