Lamborghini Bosozoku ‘Underground Hero’. Director’s Cut

Luke Huxham of Maiham Media releases a Director’s Cut of Undergound Hero: Love to Hate me, his self-produced documentary on the custom Lamborghini and Bosozoku scene in Tokyo, Japan

Chances are the regular readers amongst you will already have seen Luke Huxham’s excellent, self-directed documentary ‘Underground Hero: Love to Hate Me’, which follows the Bosozoku and custom Raging Bull scene in Japan. Even if you’re a CnP newbie, you’re probably familiar with arguably Maiham Media’s finest video project anyway, since it drew in more than 2.7 million views on YouTube when first released in 2013. You can check out the full version of Undergound Hero: Love to Hate me HERE

Now though – in between filming a Lamborghini/Mustang ‘Battledrift’ and a Ferrari F40 on snow – Luke has released this Director’s Cut mini-documentary featuring previously unseen footage. The short but very characterful piece follows self-appointed ‘delinquent’ Shinichi Moroboshi – “I couldn’t care less what people think about me” – from Kabukicho, Tokyo, who works…well, he’s a little obscure about that, but safe to say the ‘returns are big’. Think Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift if you must, only with Breitling watches, a lot more smoking and an almost terrifying amount of tattoos. And that’s before we even get to the spec-ced Lambos that inspired Moroboshi to ‘live the tale of a dream chaser’. Expect neon. Lots and LOTS of neon lighting…

 Enjoy this Director’s Cut of Underground Hero: Love to Hate me?

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